5 Lies About Networking That Are Killing Your Job Search

Networking is key to a successful job search

You can’t ignore the importance of expanding existing relationships and making new connections. Eighty-Five percent of all jobs are found through networking.  No other job search strategy has that kind of potential

Lie #1.  Networking is just “schmoozing” and I’m not that kind of person

The truth:  “Schmoozing”  it isn’t even a real word.  Dictionary.com lists the word as slang with the following definitions:

verb (used without object), schmoozed, schmoozing.

to chat idly; gossip.


  1. idle conversation; chatter.

Professional networking is anything but idle chatter but instead has a specific purpose, and focuses on results not to mention helping others whether they can help you or not.

Lie #2:  I don’t know anyone in my field so I can’t network with anyone.

The concept of networking is to not only to connect with those whom you already know but to meet people that you don’t currently know. Networking Brainstorm

Do you know vendors or others in related industries that would provide an introduction?  Make a list of 5 people that can introduce you to someone in the field you are pursuing. Invite them for coffee and get their feedback related to your search.  Make a point of asking these five people to connect you with the hiring manager in their firm.

Lie # 3:  I did my job while others were networking and now I’m paying the price.

I once counseled a sales person who had been used to making six figures.  After months of online resume submissions, he was discouraged.

If you are in sales (and we are all in sales in some form) your job is to constantly be networking.  Even if the word “sales” isn’t in your title, being “friendly competitors” is a great way to stay current in your industry as well as a great source for finding your next job or promotion.

Lie # 4: It’s not what you know it’s who you know.

We know that 85% of jobs are found through networking, but if you are still reluctant and view this as a negative   remember that knowledge and contacts are equally important because all the contacts in the world won’t help you without a great work ethic and a history of success.

Lie #5:  Asking for help finding a job is embarrassing

Most people want to help you because we can all  empathize with someone engaged in an active job search.  Keep in mind that networking isn’t always about asking for help.  Your success depends on your genuine interest in understanding the needs of others and helping them whenever possible. It is a two way street.

It’s time to kick these 5 lies about networking once and for all and instead create a professional networking plan as the cornerstone to finding your dream job.

About Noel Watts

Noel Watts is the owner of Compass Consulting, LLC which provides strategic and operational consulting as well as contract staffing throughout the United States. Noel has more than 20 year of experience with a documented history of success in leadership roles in sales, operations and strategic planning. Noel is passionate about personal development, coaching and mentoring. As an online entrepreneur, Noel started dreamjobstrategies.com as a way to help people realize their lifestyle goals by finding their dream job. Noel is available for private and group coaching sessions and speaking engagements.
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