About Noel Watts

Letter From Noel Watts

“Hi – I am Noel Watts and for more than 20 years, I’ve worked in corporate America for large and small companies. I’ve also owned my own businesses and have enjoyed working with clients as a consultant.

Noel Watts

During my career, I have been promoted to and recruited for roles of increasing responsibility and growth.  Interviewing for each new role became fun for me and I was confident so confident in my interview skills that, I knew I would get the offers I wanted.

I didn’t always have that confidence though.

Early in my professional life, I hired a career coach who taught me the secrets to finding job opportunities and winning multiple job offers.  I used the techniques I learned and moved from a unsatisfying job to a job that I loved in less than six months.  I also increased my income that same year by more than double!

I started DreamJobStrategies.com to share with you the same techniques that I learned.  I’d like to help you increase your income and find your dream job whether you are an experienced professional or a recent college graduate.

These skills are foundational to any career and have made a massive impact in my life.

I am available to help you conduct a winning job search.  From networking and sourcing opportunities to resumes and interview techniques, I am here to help.

I’d love to hear from you. Email me at noelwattsonline@gmail.com.”

About Noel Watts

Noel Watts is an accomplished professional with over twenty years of success in leading teams in strategic operations, sales and technology.  Noel believes in the power of mentoring and has recruited, hired and managed countless professionals during various stages of their careers.

Noel is the owner of Compass Consulting, LLC and dreamjobstrategies.com and has a passion for helping others define and find the occupation that allows them to live the lifestyle of their dreams.  He is available for individual and group career coaching and planning as well as strategic business consulting.

Noel and his wife, Amy have four children and enjoy travelling to the Florida Keys and California wine country.  Together, Noel and Amy share a love for boating and spend the summer months cruising aboard their boat, Boca Chica.