How To Beat Negative Thoughts

Beat Negative Thoughts

How To Beat Negative Thoughts

Successful job searches and interviews often require you to beat negative thoughts.  You need to be confident, but doubt often creeps into our minds.  A positive attitude is one of the stepping-stones to success. Everyone has a negative thought occasionally but you can beat negative thoughts by replacing them with positive thoughts or affirmations.  Countless studies have been done on athletes, astronauts and people like you and me.  Research shows that we can replace our negative thoughts by focusing on a positive thought. Psychologists call this “Cognitive Therapy.  Here are a few steps to beat negative thoughts and be sure you are at your best during your job search campaign:

Steps To Beat Negative Thoughts

Become aware of your thoughts.

The first step to taking control of your thinking is to become aware of your thoughts.  Often there are just a few negative thoughts that cause us to feel defeated.  Unfortunately, we repeat those negative thoughts hundreds or thousands of times each day.  Frequently ask yourself, “What am I thinking right now?” Learn to recognize your negative thinking patterns so that you can replace them with positive affirmations

Keep a Journal

As you start to become aware of your negative thoughts, write them in a journal.  Carry a small notebook with you everywhere you go or make a note in your smart phone.  Negative thoughts can occur at any moment and you need to make a note right away so you will remember them later.

After you have listed some of your negative thoughts, create a journal entry with positive affirmations to replace the negativity.  When a negative thought enters your mind, immediately replace with one of the positive thoughts you have written.

Examples of Thought Replacement

Negative thought: “I’m not qualified for that job and will never get the interview”

Positive thought change:  “I have experience with every part of the job description and am a great candidate for this job.”

Negative thought: “I hate doing job interviews”

Positive thought change: “I prepare for job interviews and am confident and calm.  Job interviews are two-sided and a great way to determine if I would like to work for the company.”

Plant Good Seeds

Thoughts are like seed.  Over timey, they will grow and we will reap the benefits of our thoughts.  Planting the seeds of positive thinking leads to a feeling of confidence and well-being.  Negative thoughts are like weeds that can overrun the way we feel.  Continuously planting positive thoughts by reading, saying and thinking positive affirmations will leave little room in your mind for negative thoughts.

Read inspirational, positive quotes and articles. Read about the lives of successful and happy people.  Do things you love. Do at least one that you enjoy doing every day. Visualize your life, as you want it to be. Create a visual map. When negative thoughts intrude, look at your map to remind you of what you want.

In the end, everyone has a negative thought occasionally. The trick is to recognize and replace them with positive thoughts immediately so you don’t dwell on the negative thoughts. Plant the seeds of positive thinking and beat negative thoughts for a successful job search campaign.  You will see the results in every area of your life.


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