Dedicated Areas For Various Aspects Of Your Time

Dedicated Areas For Various Aspects Of Your Life

Dedicated Areas For Various Aspects Of Your Time

Setting up dedicated areas for various aspects of your time is one way to help yourself manage your time better.  If you have a specific area to accomplish a goal, you’ll be able to get your mind dedicated faster to that one task. It might seem like a pipe dream, but if you really want to be creative, find a space that makes you feel creative and go to it each time you need that extra creative spark. In that way, you become more in charge of how your time is spent.  As part of your job search, I encourage you to create a space in your home to work.  If you don’t have a home office, you can setup a simple space for your job search.  Here are some other suggestions to help manage your time and other activities in your life.

Specific Areas In Your Home

A Reading Cubby – You may have had one in elementary school, a little place that you could go for quiet reading time. You can do this at home easily by just setting up a chair in the corner of a living room, bedroom or office that is set up with good light for reading and if necessary the proper electronic components if you want to read by laptop or Kindle.

A Mail Checking Station – This works especially for snail mail and is best if it’s close to the trashcan. Get the mail in, and immediately go through it, tossing the trash, and then taking the mail to the computer in order to schedule, process and pay bills. If possible, make this separate from your work area that you have dedicated for your job search in order to avoid distractions.

TV Time – It’s very different to get work done, or even read a book with the TV blaring. Having technology in the bedroom is also not conducive to a good night’s sleep. During a proper job search, you’ll be too busy to watch TV during the day, so don’t even turn it on.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner – Eating is a very important part of your day and should be treated as such. If you eat all over your home and office there is no true break or time to digest your food. Take the time to set the table, and eat at the table or breakfast bar in order to differentiate the time spent on eating, versus time working on networking calls or perfecting your resume.

Organize For Productivity

Setting up dedicated areas for various aspects of your time will help you differentiate your time better, be more organized, and get more done than you thought possible. Creating dedicated areas for specific activities is an excellent time management tip that will work for most people.




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