Elevator Story Basics

Elevator Story Basics

Elevator Story Basics

There are a few elevator story basics to keep in mind during your job search.  The goal is to write an elevator story short enough that you could tell the story while travelling between a few floors in an elevator.  The maximum length for an elevator story should be no more than two minutes.  There will be opportunities for you to tell your story when you may have more than two minutes and there will be moments when you have only 30 seconds.  Having multiple versions of your elevator story and being able to adapt and state your main points in several ways depending upon your audience and circumstance are crucial.

Your elevator story should tell who you are, what you do and what you want to do. A few elevator story basics to include will answer questions like, “Tell me about yourself”, “What do you do?”.  Your response will give you an opportunity to explain who you are, highlight your success, explain what you want to do.

Tell a story that conveys something about yourself and what you are passionate about.  Include special skills or knowledge that make you a unique candidate.  Weaving your experience and skills into a unique story will make your discussion memorable.

Ask For Help

As you conclude your elevator story, be sure to ask for help.  The elevator story is a valuable part of networking, but you have to be sure to ask the other person to help you.  This can be as simple as saying something like “Do you know of anyone in the area that might need my help?”

Use your own words and ask for what you are looking for, but it is important that you phrase this question properly.  Instead of asking the person with whom you are speaking if she needs your help, ask for a referral.  If you are talking with someone and ask for their help specifically, they may not need your help and fail to think about others in your network who may be looking for someone exactly like you.

What to say in an elevator story

Here is an example using these elevator story basics.  “Hi, my name is Joe Smith and I am Passionate about creating efficiency and eliminating manual redundant tasks.  I am an engineer and have experience working with robotic process automation. I am also knowledgeable in Six Sigma best practices and strive to save companies time and money by streamlining processes and eliminating manual tasks.  I’m looking for a job in process improvement and automation, do you know anyone who I might be able to help?

Using these elevator story basics, This example and only takes about 30 seconds to say aloud.

Elevator Story Basics:  Write and Rehearse Your Elevator Story

Preparing for your job search campaign is demanding work, but it will pay dividends.  Don’t just wing it when it comes to your elevator story.  Take the time to write your elevator story.  Write stories of various lengths from a few seconds up to two minutes in length and take the time to practice reading them aloud.  As you gain confidence and comfort, start practicing saying your stories from memory.  This is critical because when you meet your next opportunity face to face, you won’t want to pull out your note cards.

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