Habits That Build Happiness

Habits That Build Happiness

Habits That Build Happiness

Happiness and attitude are often a matter of mindset and we can impact our own outlook by incorporating daily habits that build happiness.  Things that we dwell on or think about each day can either be uplifting or depressing.

11 Habits That Build Happiness

Here’s a quick list to help you create a more positive attitude and to be happier.

  • Listen to good music. Music improves your mood and is a simple thing to do. Find songs that not only have a high energy beat, but also have uplifting lyrics as well. The words in songs can be a powerful force in your daily moods. I enjoy all kinds of music from classic rock and heavy metal to classical, country and contemporary Christian music.  I used to listen to classic country music almost non-stop, but found that I started to feel depressed.  Be aware of how certain songs or lyrics make you feel.
  • Don’t watch television passively or at all.
  • Be aware of negativity. Negative thoughts and feelings drain your energy. Keep an journal and work to replace your negative thoughts.
  • Make time to be alone. Sit quietly in your favorite room, in nature, or anywhere that you can be alone for at least five minutes. Allow yourself to relax and unplug. Breathe freely and enjoy the moment.
  • Take some time to figure out who you are or who you want to be. Allow your mind to rest so that you can be creative and think about your goals. Turn off your electronic devices and take some time without interruption or outside input.
  • Exercise daily. Even a short walk will improve your mood.
  • Have projects and goals to work toward. Learn a new skill or set a goal related to one of your hobbies. Make a list of 100 goals that you would like to achieve.  The goals can be large or small because it is your list.  Start working on the list today.  Some goals may be achievable today or this week.  Other goals give you something to look forward to and work towards.
  • Do the things you enjoy doing. Do you like to paint or do wood working? Read a book by your favorite author, go for a walk or volunteer with your favorite non-profit.
  • Ignore things that don’t make you happy. Dwelling on the negative will only create more negative thoughts and feelings.
  • Just smile. Smiling will bring on a happy feeling, so even when you don’t feel like it, do it.
  • Focus on gratitude. This may seem simple, but it really works. Make a list of all of the things for which you are thankful and read it each day.  Add new items to your list as you think of more things to be thankful for.

You Are In Control

Cultivating happiness is one way to build your positive outlook. Take control of your attitude and your future by developing daily habits that build happiness.  Implement these tasks into your daily routine and allow them to recharge your emotional batteries.

How are you investing in yourself and your happiness each day?  Please leave a comment below that describes your daily habits that build happiness.


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