How To Make A Resume

How To Make A Resume

How To Make A Resume

A young woman asked me to review her husband’s resume and requested that I consider him as a candidate for any job opening I might have of hear about.  I was surprised to receive a six-page resume and stopped reading after the first page.  He did not know how to write a resume.

Accepted resume tactics change over time and some remain.  When asked about How To Make A Resume, the best resume advice I offer is be clear, concise and keep it to two pages max!

Most employers will lose interest after the first page, so grab their attention quickly.  Here are 14 tips on how to write a resume that catch an employer’s attention and position you for an interview.

14 Resume Tips

  1. Always be truthful – This should be a given
  2. Have someone or even a few people proof-read your resume
  3. Use hyperlinks and include your email address and LinkedIn accounts
  4. Keep your resume to 2 pages maximum. If you are a recent graduate with limited job experience, stick with a single page
  5. The Objective Statement is optional, but does tell an employer what you want to do. You can also summarize your experience with a Summary Statement.  Either way, be clear and concise.  The purpose is state who you are, what you do and the value you provide.
  6. Use bold text to highlight the areas of your resume that you wish to stand out
  7. Include keywords – Employers today scrub resumes by scanning them into OCR engines (Optical Character Recognition) that flag resumes which include keywords related to the job and the skills for which they are searching. Your resume needs to include as many keywords from the job description possible.
  8. It is not a history report – Think about how to make a resume that will stand out. Your resume should be more than a history report stating what you did for your previous employers.  Instead, write about your success and how your skills provided value.  You don’t need to include a separate section of your resume for “Skills”.  Instead, write about the skills you used in your achievements.
  9. Quantify your results whenever possible
  10. Tell the story with data – How did you make or save a company money. If you created efficiency and saved time, translate the results into a monetary figure.
  11. Use the space on the page well. Include action words and bullet points to outline your past success.  Use words that enable you to explain your career highlights in a rich, but concise manner.
  12. List your previous roles and employers in reverse chronological order. Most hiring managers will want to understand your work history, so make it easy for them.
  13. Create a section for “Volunteer Experience”. A 2016 Deloitte Impact Survey found that including volunteer experience on your resume may make a candidate “significantly more attractive to employers”.
  14. Consider making space for “Points of Interest” you could include volunteer service here, but you could also include other things that make you unique like service on boards of directors, youth coaching, etc.  If you were an accomplished college athlete, you may want to include it here.  If you were a scholarship collegiate athlete regardless of your achievements, including that experience in your resume can reveal your work ethic to employers.

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