How To Start Your Job Search

How To Start Your Job Search

Do you find yourself asking how to start your job search? Is the idea itself overwhelming?  Here are some basic tips to help you get moving.

Three Steps to start your job search:

One of my favorite sayings is “Action kills fear.” Action is a cure for many situations including confusion and the feeling of being overwhelmed.  Your first actions in starting your job search don’t have to be big. Take small steps at first to build your momentum.  Here are three steps to help you start your job search:

  1. Setup your work space
  2. Define Your Dream Job
  3. Create a list of your preferred employers

Complete these steps as quickly as possible, but don’t get stuck in this phase.   In this post, I’ll discuss step one in starting your job search:  Setup Your Workspace.

How To Start Your Job Search: Step 1:  Setup Your Work Space

Set up your work space and start building your job search tool box by designating and gathering a few supplies.  Here are six things to consider when setting up your work space for your job search.

  1. You need a work space – Designate a place in your home, preferably where you can keep your handwritten notes, brainstorms and resume drafts. Avoid moving your laptop each morning and shuffling through your notes. Find a place that allows you to immediately sit down and start working.  There is no time to waste.  Even if your space is a small table in the corner of your bedroom, you will work more efficiently with a defined work space.
  2. Phone and head set – Use a headset whenever possible. It is important have hands-free conversations to take good notes. Avoid using a speaker phone which can make you sound distant. If you do not have a traditional land line, there are many affordable VOIP (voice over internet protocol) services available. I use Magic Jack which for about $35.00 per year.
  3. Computer – You’ll want a computer to search the internet and perform basic word processing tasks help you prepare for your job search as well as creating resumes and cover letters. If you don’t have word processing software available, beHow To Start Your Job Search sure to check out Google Docs which even has a resume template and it is free.
  4. Purchase supplies right away and organize them neatly in your work space. Find some nice resume paper, matching envelopes and stamps. Most of your correspondence might be electronic, but you will also find that mailing hard copies is
    very effective when searching for your dream job.
  5. Always send hand written thank you notes after an interview       or networking meeting. Purchase some affordable professional stationary and “Thank You” cards.  If your budget is tight, substitute your resume paper for stationary.  Personal stationary is also a great touch. You can create your own letterhead affordably online at outlets like Vista Print.
  6. Since networking is a vital part of your job search campaign, consider having business cards created. Keep the colors and graphics simple.  List your contact information on the front along with your name and perhaps an attention catching phrase.  Include a bullet point list of your top skills on the back of the card.

Action kills fear in many circumstances and is especially true as you ask yourself how to start your job search.  Step one is setting up your work space and gathering these basic tools.

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