Interview Follow-Up

Interview Follow-Up

Job Interview-Follow Up

Interview follow-up can even make the difference in whether you receive an offer vs. a competitor.

I recently wrote a post about overcoming negativity in your job search by thinking about facts instead believing the myths that erode your confidence.  There are some common myths about job search follow up that you must remove from your thinking as well:

  • I really screwed up the interview, so there is no need to follow up.
  • My interview went well so there is no hurry to send a thank you note.
  • Thank you notes are old fashioned
  • I don’t want to seem rude or desperate by calling again

Job seekers often think of follow-up as the last step of the interview process when instead, it is a vital part that can turn even a bad interview into a second interview and even an offer.

Interview Follow-Up Potential

Bad interviews can happen to everyone.  Maybe you or the interviewer had a bad day.  If your interview went badly, you can turn things around with a great follow-up campaign which extends your opportunity to continue selling yourself.  Let the interviewer know that you want the job and are persistent.

If your interview went extremely well, don’t be lulled into a false sense of security.  You never know what the next interview was like and you may be competing against an excellent candidate.  Beat them to the punch by immediately sending an email with a promise that your written thank you note is on its way.

Immediate Interview Follow-Up

An email immediately following your interview is a valuable part of your interview follow-up strategy, but don’t stop there.  You must also send a written thank you letter and the sooner the better.  Pack a Job Interview follow-up thank youblank envelope, stationery and stamp in your briefcase and find a quiet place to sit after your interview.  Make notes on what stood out and of any problems you can solve and mention them in your note.  Be sure to put the note in the mail before you get home.

Effective job interview follow-up strategies incl
ude three follow-up steps within a week of your interview.  Professional, courteous follow is never rude nor does it sound desperate.  This is your opportunity to tell them you want the job and continue selling yourself.

Creating and executing a planned job interview follow up plan can turn the tides after a bad interview, separate you from your competitors and demonstrate that you can add value by solving problems and addressing issues.

Here are a few more job interview do’s and don’ts from Forbes if you would like more information.

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