Interview Storytelling Ideas

Interview Storytelling Ideas

You are preparing for your job search or an interview and you have read about telling great interview stories, but how do you write and prepare your interview stories?  If you have read Telling Great Interview Stories, then you are ready for more detailed interview storytelling ideas.

Good Interview Stories Technique

A good interview storytelling technique is the 3C model.  Be sure to include the 3C’s in each story.  Start by describing the Circumstance and then explain your Conduct and that actions that you took.  Wrap up your story with a strong conclusion explaining the results of your actions.  Quantify the results as much as possible.  Create at least 15 interview stories to have available at any time.  Now that you have the basic guidelines, you are ready to begin brainstorming interview storytelling ideas.

Interview Storytelling Ideas

The goal is to create 15 stories that you can use during job interviews.  The following list of interview storytelling ideas is divided into three categories to help you organize your thoughts. Choose 4-5 concepts from each category and write an interview story for each one.  Be creative this list is only to help you get started.  There are an endless number of topics that you might develop into an interview story.


  • When you solved a problem
  • When you made a mistake
  • When you improved a process
  • When you overcame challenge
  • When you learned from a mistake
  • A story about working independently without direction

Worked As A Team

  • When you collaborated as part of a teamTeamwork
  • A story about when you helped a co-worker
  • A story about when you solved a complicated problem
  • A time when you volunteered
  • When you demonstrated Leadership
  • A time you learned something about yourself

Dealt With Conflict

  • When you dealt with conflict with a co-worker
  • When you had a disagreement with a client
  • A story about working with a difficult person
  • A story about working through sudden change
  • A story about compromise
  • How you demonstrated creativity to solve a problem

Prepare For Your Interview

After writing your 15 stories from the interview storytelling ideas above, you will be better prepared than most job candidates, but don’t stop there.  Review and rehears your interview stories daily during your job search campaign.  Rehearse each story by reading it aloud so that you are comfortable telling each story.  Begin by reading each story from what you have written.  Since the stories come from your experience, you will learn each one very quickly.  Another learning technique for remembering your job interview stories is to record yourself telling each story and listen to the recording.  To further stamp each story into your memory, listen to the recording in your own voice while you are reading the story aloud.  If you do this exercise 6 times for each story, you will quickly memorize each story and the points you want to make during your interview.


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