LinkedIn Job Search Profile Tips

LinkedIn Job Search Profile Tips

LinkedIn Job Search Profile Tips

Networking is the most effective way to find a job.  You can get a jump start online with a few LinkedIn job search profile tips.  LinkedIn is the online site where professionals go to search for candidates.  Employers also use LinkedIn to research candidates sourced by other methods.  If possible, you should setup your LinkedIn account before beginning your job search.  If you are starting your job search unexpectedly, follow these LinkedIn Job search profile tips and setup your profile right away.  Perfect your profile later, the point is to get started so employers can find you.

Make Online Connections

The power of LinkedIn is the potential to gain visibility of those with whom you are connected and making new connections.  Use your offline networking list to connect with people already in your network.  Ask for recommendations from some close professional relationships.  Be sure to send a thank you note for the recommendation outside of LinkedIn.  This is a perfect opportunity to mention your job search.

The Power of Groups

LinkedIn is an excellent way build the illusion of ubiquity.  Members can establish themselves as experts in their field and begin to communicate with industry leaders.  Joining and participating in LinkedIn groups enables you to improve your visibility by contributing ideas and offering solutions to questions and challenges posted by other users.  Be strategic when joining groups.  If there are people you’d like to meet in your industry, view their profile and find out which groups they belong to.  Hang out online where the leaders in your industry will take notice.

Post Regularly

Speaking of building your online visibility, this list of LinkedIn job search profile tips would be incomplete without advising you to spend a few minutes each day reading news stories, posts and articles from inside and outside your network.  Add thoughtful comments to existing posts and create your own posts and articles or repurpose your previous work as a sample of your experience.  Just be sure that your work samples are appropriate for sharing and don’t contain confidential information or content that may be sensitive to a previous employer.

Professional Photo

Think of your profile as on online sales brochure.  Include an up-to-date, professional profile.  Your photo doesn’t have to be… and probably shouldn’t be a “glamour shots” type photo.  Keep in mind the image you want to convey to potential employers.  The photo you use for LinkedIn should be a different photo than what you use on Facebook and definitely don’t use the photo from your online dating profile!

Use these LinkedIn job search profile tips to start building your online presence right away.  Your profile is a powerful part of your job search strategy that you will add to and polish over time.

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