Your Attitude Can Persuade Your Potential Employer

Your Attitude Can Persuade Your Potential


Your attitude can persuade your potential employer and be used as an asset.  In 2012 Dave Sanford Executive Vice President, Client Relations at Winter, Wyman posted this in an article “… a great attitude can make you stand out from all the candidates for a job opening. If you want to impress your potential employer, think carefully about the possible things going on in his or her work life that cause stress and anxiety. Talk about how you can go into that job and make things easier and better for the manager. Think, “I’m here to lighten your burden and load.”

How Can You Help?

During an interview, take the approach that you are there to help.  The hiring manager is interested in how you can fill the role, solve problems and add value to the company.  Ask questions during the interview about the need that exists within the company.  You can then apply your skills and experience to demonstrate how you can successfully fill that need.

Sanford writes, “Accentuate your value at all times. Talk about demonstrated skill sets, not just, “I’m a good guy.” Instead, “I’m a good manager of people, I’m a good problem solver, I’ve been ahead of quota every year.” And in talking about past jobs, never criticize anything or anyone…Your attitude and story need to always come across with positivity and confidence.”

Persuade Your Potential Employer

Employers want to know how you can add value.  Show the interviewer that you are there to help them.  Draw from your experience with interview stories about how you can either make or save the company money.  Quantify everything from your experience and resume.  Can you create efficiency within the company?  Translate those efficiencies into a dollar value and provide examples of how you’ve been successful in the past. Use data and facts to persuade your potential employer that you are the best candidate.


Dave Sanford also gives some good advice in his article about keeping your attitude positive with your thoughts and gives examples of affirmations you can repeat to yourself.

  • “Give me the ball; I don’t have to have my hand held.”
  • “I’m an awesome team player; not a lone wolf.”
  • “I take initiative.”
  • “I am fiercely loyal; I run through walls to get the job done.”

Create your own affirmations to stay positive throughout your job search.  Create your interview stories in advance.  Do your homework about the company and research the interviewer.  Preparation builds confidence which will also show through.  Stay positive and use your attitude to persuade your potential employer.

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