Putting Your Schedule In Writing

Putting Your Schedule In Writing

Putting Your Schedule In Writing

Putting your schedule in a writing is guaranteed to make you more efficient.  The hardest part about time management is making a real commitment to following a schedule. It can be especially difficult for people who want to work for themselves or who are unemployed to work on any type of schedule. Keeping a schedule is going to increase your success exponentially. Putting your schedule in writing will help you follow it.

Putting Your Schedule In Writing With Technology

Use Your Smartphone – Today’s cell phones are really mini computers. You can have your entire life on there, including your work schedule with alarm reminders.  If you see a popup on your phone every time you go to use Facebook, reminding you of tasks that need to be done, you will not have much of an excuse for not doing them.

Try Google Calendar – If you have a Gmail account, then you already have access to a powerful system that can help you put your time in writing, while helping you keep track. You can easily set up different calendars for different aspects of your life and color code the entries. Further you can print out a calendar each day or sync to your smartphone so that you don’t forget anything.

A Project Management System – Project management systems like Basecamp can help you put your schedule into writing, and organize it too. The software is designed for people to assign tasks to others, but you can use this system by just assigning the work to yourself.  You’ll get an email reminder before the task is due.

Evernote is a nifty little program that can be used to help you keep track of your schedule, notes for projects, and more. There are free and upgraded subscription based levels.  The free version gives you a lot of tools to manage your schedule and tasks.  The system can also be used as your virtual file cabinet allowing you to make notes, save documents, files and more.

Putting Your Schedule In Writing The Old Fashioned Way

Try the “Old-Fashioned” Date Book – The old Filofax still exists and many people prefer it to using technology. If you’re one that does, don’t despair because many people stay better organized with everything in writing in one single notebook. If that’s you, you can still do it that way.  Covey planners or generic planners and calendars are also still highly effective.

Use a Large Whiteboard – The great thing about having a large whiteboard on your office wall is you can’t escape the tasks that need to be done since they are very obvious. You can also feel accomplished as you erase things as they get done.  If you have setup a place to work in your home, consider using a whiteboard to track important tasks.

Putting your schedule in writing and sticking to it requires commitment.  If you move the two hours you wanted to work on a particular project, due to a family emergency, you need to then take time from elsewhere to replace the two hours you were going to work on your job search.  Seeing the schedule in writing will help you schedule things the best by making a visual representation of your day.


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