Researching Your Target List Of Companies

Researching Your Target List Of Companies

Where To Begin Researching Your Target List Of Companies

If you have created a target list of companies for your job search, the next step is to begin researching your target list of companies.   The goal is to build a knowledge base about the companies on your list.  If your target list includes several companies in the same industry, you’ll also build your knowledge of the industry.

Be Efficient When You Research Your Target List Of Companies.

Each day counts during your job search.  Don’t waste time at this point doing detailed research.  You’ll do in depth research during your later interview preparation.  Look for information about corporate culture,
industry news and trends, potential networking contacts and opportunities.

Begin Researching Your Target List Of Companies

View the company website to learn about products, employees, and locations.  Read through press releases for information about what is important to the company.  You’ll find opportunities, quotes from
the leadership team and even challenges they face.  Take notes on each company and list the names of those quoted in press releases.  Research each individual later prior to your interview.

Researching Publicly Traded Companies On Your Target List

While on the corporate website, look for the annual report if the company is publicly traded.  Again, don’t get lost in the details at this point.  Read through the letter to the shareholders and forward looking statements.  Download the report and save it to our computer so that you can come back to it later during your pre-interview preparation.

If you have never looked for or read a corporate annual report before, they are a great source of corporate information in addition to specific financial details about the company.  Look for a link on the company website that says “Investor Information”, “Investor Relations”.  The 10-K filing is required annually by the Securities and Exchange Commission.  The Annual report contains the 10-K filing and more conversational letters to shareholders.

Researching Privately Held Companies

You’ll need to look further when researching your target list of companies that are privately held or don’t offer details on their website.

Do a Google search for the company and look for articles in business journals and newspapers which provide valuable information about the company, their competitors and the industry.  Bookmark, save or print these articles for your reference.

Look For Opportunities In Your Target List Of Companies

As you research your target list of companies be aware of potential growth opportunities and challenges. Look for ways that you can overcome the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities.

If a company is working through a recent merger or acquisition or if they have announced an upcoming acquisition, what opportunities exist that fit your skills?

Meeting opportunities and overcoming challenges either make or save money.  DemonstratiResearching Your Target Listng you can do these things for a company, might lead them to create a job for you that doesn’t exist today.  These opportunities are called Spot Opportunities and are a valuable part of your job search strategy.

Consider starting your own business and approaching each company as a consultant or contractor if you can solve their problems.  You can often get meetings with corporate decision makers with this approach which may lead to a new business for you or a job offer.

Benefits Of Researching Your Target List Of Companies

Creating and researching your target list of companies gives you tools to focus your job search, identify networking opportunities and learn about the business and related industry.  These benefits will lead you closer to finding your dream job.

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