Telling Great Interview Stories

Telling Interview Stories

Telling interview stories is one of the best ways to answer interview questions and stand out as a memorable job candidate.  Telling stories make us seem more human.  When people can relate to you, they will also come to trust you.  You have probably heard that for someone to do business with you they need to know you, like you and trust you.  Telling good interview stories is an excellent way to accomplish all three and build a relationship with the interviewer and hiring manager.

Don’t rely on your intuition and ability to think quickly during the interview when you may be nervous. Prepare to win the interview by writing your stories in advance and rehearse in advance.

Good Interview Stories Are Focused

Telling interview stories is a winning tactic and the best interview stories are focused and can be used to answer a variety of interview questions.  Career consultants, R.L. Stevens & Associates, called interview stories, “3C Stories” Advising candidates to frame these stories with Circumstance, Conduct and Conclusion.

Write stories that describe a circumstance to set the stage and provide context.  Focus the story on your conduct.  What did you think and feel?  What actions did you take?

The conclusion of your 3’C Story should speak to the results.  Were you successful or not?  Did you achieve our objectives and what were the results of your actions?  Not all 3C stories need to end happily.  If you made a mistake or failed, explain how you learned from the situation and what you would do when faced with a comparable situation in the future.

Stories that demonstrate how you deal with demanding situations build trust and show that you are human and make mistakes like the rest of us.

Creating Interview Stories

Prepare for your job search and interviews by creating at least fifteen 3C Stories.  This type of preparation is challenging work but will increase your confidence in your experience and your interview skills.  Each interview story should be two minutes or less.

Write your 15 interview stories as quickly as possible.  You can refine them later, but draft your stories in the initial stages of your job search.  If you are currently employed, consider writing these stories before you begin your job search.

Rehearsing Your Interview Stories

Writing fifteen job interview stories is valuable, but the value is multiplied when you rehearse these stories regularly.  Rehearse your interview stories by reading them out loud and timing yourself.  Each story should take 2 minutes or less for you to tell.  Follow the 3C method and make your point concisely to capture and hold the attention of your interviewer.Interview Stories

Stand Out With Interview Stories

The more interview stories you write the better prepared you will be to answer interview questions in a way that will make you a memorable candidate and develop a relationship with the interviewer.  Follow the 3C method and complete 15 good stories as soon as possible.  Don’t spend time making the story perfect because you want eno
ugh flexibility to use each story in response to a variety of questions.  Polish your stories by rehearsing and make sure that they are a maximum of 2 minutes in length.

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