Time Management Tips When Unemployed

Time Management Tips When Unemployed

Time Management Tips When Unemployed

An article by Andrew Klappholz that was originally posted in 2012 for The Ladders offers time management tips when unemployed.  There is some excellent advice in this piece and you can find the full article here.

Career coach Tammy Gooler Loeb is quoted and says this about job searches while unemployed, “The downside is that you have too much time.”

The author, Andrew Klappholz writes,  “To fill that time, Loeb suggests a job search schedule that resembles a regular 9-5, Monday-Friday work routine. For example: wake up at 7 a.m., make coffee, shower, get dressed and hit the job boards right away. Then spend the whole morning researching companies online, e-mailing and calling people in your network. For lunch, you’re entitled to a quick break but make it shorter than a “regular” lunch break because as an unemployed worker, you no longer have that luxury. The rest of the day be should spent following up on applications you’ve sent out in the previous week, and crafting an effective communication strategy for the next round of possible job opportunities.”

The Internet Never Sleeps

Klappholz and Gooler Loeb offer excellent time management tips when unemployed, I would emphasize that online activities should be scheduled strategically.

Tools like LinkedIn and other social network sites make it possible to research companies and network 24 hours a day.  These tools are valuable, but  schedule time for work to be done online after regular business hours.

Reserve Your Time During Business Hours

Schedule your daily job search activities strategically.  Instead of looking at job boards and postings between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., reserve this time for activities that cannot be done outside of business hours.

Reserve time during prime business hours for making phone calls, attending industry or networking events, sending follow-up emails and attending appointments.  Use this time to schedule job interviews and informational interviews.  You might even join a volunteer group for a few hours each week.

Online After Hours

One time management tip while unemployed is to plan your online search activities after 5:00. When unemployed your job search is your full time job.  In a recent post, I wrote that you should schedule time for fun during a job search, but I would also encourage you to work at your job search 50-55 hours per week.  Forty hours should be a minimum if you need to find work.  Schedule a couple of hours after 5:00 o’clock for your online tasks

Plan Your Online Job Search Time

Social networking can easily suck you into a time draining funnel.  You need a plan to avoid losing valuable time.  Block out time for online research with an outline of what you will research online and stick to your plan.

A two hour online work session might look like this:

30 Min:

Research job openings in my town using these keywords:  sales, sales manager  relationship manager, account manager.

Make a list of job postings of interest and continue your research.

30 Min:

Customize your resume for each position and then submit.  Save each new version with a name you will recognize later.  Reserve time tomorrow to follow up with the hiring manager or HR contact for this opportunity.

30 Min:

Find LinkedIn Group conversations related to your expertise and add comments or answer questions.  This adds to your network and shows potential employers that you are knowledgeable in that area.

30 Min

Research a potential employer from your target list of employers.

Follow these time management tips while unemployed to be as efficient as possible in your job search.

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